Just Me

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My name is Martha Lucia and I am a graduate from Royal Holloway, University of London. I have a degree in European Literature & Cultural Studies and I now work in Fashion Retail. I have always been a bit of a late bloomer and I only just finished my degree last year (2012) at the age of 26. Soon after, I fell into a job as a Personal Stylist because the opportunity was offered to me pretty much straight away. Like most students nowadays, looking for a suitable/enjoyable job after university has become a bit of a chore and the opportunities are not exactly falling from the sky. This is why I count myself lucky that I have found other options after uni. Alongside my job in fashion retail I also run my network marketing business and I have never been happier.

I have started blogging again for a number of reasons, mainly because I love connecting with new people from different places and also because I have promised myself to make 2013 my most productive year yet. My blog will act as a motivation to reach my goals & when I write posts about my progress I will feel proud to share it with everyone. For example, I follow and connect with quite a few people on Instagram who have set fitness & weight loss targets and I love sharing their feeling of pride throughout their journey. My focus won’t only be on my fitness goals but my business & life goals as well.

In summary, my blog will be like my online diary. I will share my goals, successes, reviews or whatever else takes my fancy. I hope you all enjoy following me and I look forward to hearing any comments from you.

Martha. x