My Chocolate Protein & Raspberry Pancakes

So, I’ve been a bit of a sitting duck at home today & I thought, instead of having my usual protein shake with toast in the morning, I would make some pancakes. It was a bit of a random urge but I thought I’d give it a go.

So, these were my ingredients:

8oz Plain Flour (However, I include the protein powder in this measurement)
2 scoops of Arbonne chocolate protein shake mix
1/2 pint of milk
1 egg
Half a pack of fresh raspberries

Ok, so I simply started by putting all the ingredients in the bowl and whisking them… I know, really difficult, right? 😉 The only thing I didn’t just throw in were the raspberries because I didn’t want the seeds all over the mix so I just used the sieve to get all the juice out of them.



After that, I simply started to cook them as I would normally cook pancakes. Although, this mixture was quite thick compared to what I’m used to but that’s because of the protein powder. I also noticed that the mixture cooks much faster than usual. I almost burnt the first one because of how quickly it was ready. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the protein either because this is my first attempt at any protein baking.


From the amount of ingredients used, I got 5 pancakes in total. If you don’t like your pancakes very thick, then I think you would get a lot more by adding just a bit more milk. I actually liked the thickness in the end and they tasted nice and chocolatey even with my favourite filling of lemon drizzled through the middle. If I were to do them again, I prob wouldn’t add the raspberries because they were slightly bitter, maybe blueberries instead.


Do you have any protein recipes? What’s your favourite pancake filling?
I’ve seen a few brownie recipes around so maybe next time I might give them a go.